Social Financing


Everyone Can Have a Richer Life

Built on 1400 Years of History

GSN operates on the Rotating Savings and Credit Association (


) model which has been around since the Tang Dynasty. GSN combines 1400 years of ancient wisdom with technology innovations to bring wealth to the masses.

Take Back Control of Your Money

People work their whole life, hoping to save for retirement. All this time, the banks profit from you by investing with your money. You are giving them free money to invest with.

Building the Leaders of the Future

Social Banking to help others. We provide help, utilizing higher efficiency of our money. We achieve financial freedom while we focus on helping people around the world.

Since the Tang Dynasty

The Peer to Peer Social Banking Culture of Asia

1400 years ago, the first money, peer to peer banking system occurred in recorded history. In the modern day, informal peer to peer banking is still prevalent in over

70 countries

across the world! 

The problem? There has never been a good, decentralized system to facilitate social banking with total trust. It’s always been based on trust, relationships, friends, family, and word of mouth money tracking, until now!

Become Your Own Bank

And Start Earning on Your Money

Global Decentralized Bankers benefit from the social money revolution by earning a steady bonus of GDP™ (GSN Currency). Everyone benefits while business and technology innovation can thrive when everyone’s cash flow needs are taken care of.

Why GSN?

Understanding the Global Money Revolution

GSN is more than just a global movement, it is a vision for the future that is built by the people, for the people. with over 1400 years of history. It starts with financial independence and maximizing the potential of your money.

Take Control of Your Future

The Circulation of Money

Traditional systems operate on word of mouth, friends, family, and trust. GSN is offering the first Global Decentralized Banking (GDB) network based on smart contract technology and a scientific matching algorithm to increase circulation of idling money and resources to maintain a healthy economy. People helping people, this is true innovation!

Earn Up to 5% Block Rewards

By putting your money into circulation in the GSN community, and helping others increase their spending power, you can get up to 5% block rewards. Get involved and change your life by changing someone’s life!